Patient Testimonials

  • “I had bilateral knee replacement surgery one month ago. Prior to that, I received personal training from Dave Sporko for six months. Dave did a great job of preparing me for both the surgery and the subsequent recovery. I’m still in outpatient physical therapy, but I am sure that without the personal training, I could not have made as rapid a recovery from the surgery or been at this stage in physical therapy. I plan on continuing the personal training as soon as I’m able to.”

    Joanne Miller

  • “Fritz has done a lot for me. I have been unlucky with my back and a broken ankle and have relied on Fritz to get me back, and they have. I strongly would recommend Fritz to anyone.”

    Mike C.

  • “I came to Fritz because I was in pain. After the first visit, My pain was significantly reduced. Every session gets better and better. The staff – over the top in brains and kindness!”

    Kathy Martz

  • “I came in here on a cane after total hip replacement. Left 5 weeks later walking without the cane. Traveled coast to coast with no problems in flying and towing. The staff here is magnificent. Everyone stops to ask if you need help. A+++”

    John Coyne

  • “I’d been experiencing intense shoulder pain and limited mobility. Two weeks into therapy at Fritz (only 4 sessions), the pain is all but gone and my mobility has dramatically improved. The people at Fritz PT are fantastic. They are extremely knowledgeable and great with patients. Brian Fritz is the best there is.”

    Joe Fink

  • “I have not been a patient for a while now, but when I was I loved going to therapy. I was made to feel comfortable and important. My recovery was handled very professionally and yet friendly and relaxing. I knew I was in good hands. I would always come back as I had in the past and will in the future if needed. I always had a very positive feeling about the programs I had been on. I also like the emails I get from Brian. They let me know I can come to therapy for problems that really do not need a doctor’s attention at first, saving me money. All in all Fritz Physical Therapy is a good place to go to for getting help and getting results.”

    I want to write you this letter to thank you and you your team for the therapy that was provided for me. Rotator cuff surgery is one of the hardest operations to rehab back to normal. The doctor said it is a 5-6 month recovery. I am amazed that it took only 3 months to recover with your help. Your therapy sessions were top notch compared to other therapy facilities that I have been to in the past. You and your team always made me feel that you cared for the patient and their recovery and their recovery. Nowhere else did I go and when you walk through the door hear ‘Ron’s Here!’. It gave me a feeling that I was I with friends and not just a therapist. I cannot be more pleased with your services. Five Stars.

    R. Mater

  • “Although I have not had to use your services for a while (thank goodness), I have been so happy with all you have done for me in the past. I feel your clinic and therapists are exceptional and have met my rehab needs above and beyond. In fact, I’ve recommended your clinic to many of my friends, and I feel that speaks volumes. The fact that you don’t need a script to come in and get your services is such a plus, and very much appreciated. When you’re hurting and can’t get to a Dr. appt quickly, this is a wonderful “gift”. And, I know I speak for my husband as well. Thank you for all you do to help make our lives better.”

    Fran M.

  • “I had been experiencing pain in my shoulder and limitations in my range of motion for almost a year.  I finally walked into Fritz Therapy and met Brian.  He talked to me and completed an assessment of my physical status.  We scheduled another appointment, at which time he laid out a treatment plan and schedule.  We got started and I saw some immediate results.  Brian and Damien are very knowledgeable and consummate Physical Therapy Professionals.  They also made each visit a pleasant experience as they are both positive and friendly.

    I completed my treatment and no longer have pain and have regained a full range of motion in my shoulder.  I have Fritz Therapy to thank for my recovery.  I never thought I would say that I enjoyed going to physical therapy, but Brian and his staff made it a very pleasant experience. I would highly recommend Fritz Therapy for any of your PT or physical training needs.”

    J. Popp

  • “For a professional and thoughtfully prescribed program of physical therapy you can’t do better than turn yourself over to Brian Fritz and his great support team. Additionally you can take advantage of many other services at his well located facility.”

    Pamela H.

  • “Since coming here two months ago, I feel really good. The program that I was on and the staff were really great. I am able to do a lot more in my everyday life now. I am grateful for this company.”

    Glenn Borrie

  • “I’ve experienced three different kneecap dislocations, and an MPFL reconstruction surgery all on the same leg. I’m looking at getting another surgery within the next year and I know I can count on Brian and everyone else who has helped me along the way. Brian and his ream have been working with me for years, and they provide excellent work. I’ve trusted them in the past and I’m going to continue trusting them in the future.”

    Isabella Betten

  • “My last day is somewhat sad. I feel so much better since I started. Your staff was wonderful and very helpful. Thank you for putting me back together!”

    Mary Joanne Zarelli

  • “Walking better with less pain! Doing more than I did before therapy. A lot less pain since therapy. I feel a lot stronger with my left leg than I did before therapy.”

    Judy Jeffries

  • “This is my first time ever in therapy. It was very helpful – no more pain and much more movement. Very thankful and the guys were great and I will recommend Fritz Physical Therapy to everyone. Thanks to all of you!”


  • “I came in after years of back/neck issues as a result of lifting injuries. The care I have received has resulted in me feeling better than I have in years. I’m also leaving Fritz with techniques I can utilize at home to prevent recurring issues. Many thanks to the helpful and friendly staff!”


  • “Great job! Thanks for all your help!”


  • “I have improved my movements and got my strength back by 90%. I enjoyed very much coming to Fritz. The help was very gracious. I certainly will recommend Fritz.”


  • “When I came here I could barely walk. I couldn’t stand for an hour or two without my back hurting. Now I am walking straight and my back is much better. The stimulus is fantastic. Personnel is friendly and helpful.”


  • “Brian and staff are very friendly and professional. They worked me hard and to my potential. I am now able to get back to my normal life. Thank you!”


  • “With the help of this amazing staff, I have gone from barely walking to cutting the grass up and down hills all in 6 weeks. Thank you Fritz PT staff and owner! The pain is very much gone!”


  • “Measuring success really isn’t very hard, meaning from the time that I started, it has been very easy to take the work out and measure the length of time before the pain and after the workout to a moderate pain level after. Definitely worth the time and effort. The entire group is very professional with a great concern for the patient with a tremendous attitude. Definitely recommend the entire group with a big A++! Thanks all!”


  • “I injured my back over a year ago. I could not complete normal everyday activities. Due to physical therapy, I can now finish tasks around the house that I was unable to complete before. I am confident now that after surgery I will get back to 100%.”


  • “I love coming here. They are all so nice and funny! Next time I get injured, I will definitely come back. Brian has gotten me where I need to be and even better and stronger than I was before. Everyone is super nice and I will be sad when I am done with PT.”


  • “The friendly staff helped me recover from a meniscus injury without surgery! Brian is extremely knowledgeable and helped me understand every step of my recovery. Would definitely recommend Fritz PT to my family/friends. 10/10 rating!”


  • “Brian and all of the staff are very professional, friendly, and informative. I’m very happy with my progress and results.”


  • “You guys are skillful and a class act. Thanks to Brian and all the staff.”