Injury Prevention Screening Bridgeville, PA

Injury Prevention Screening

Can you hear what your body is telling you?

The experts at Fritz Physical Therapy and Sports Medicine hear you loud and clear. Our Physical Therapists and staff know how to interpret the subtle changes in how a body bends, twists and moves that makes one individual more likely to be injured than another. We can detect where your body’s weakest links are hidden and help you unlock new athletic potential while reducing your likelihood of injury.

Worried your young athlete may be at higher risk for injury and want to take every precaution necessary to keep them healthy and pain free? Concerned if you are doing everything you can to be at your absolute best? Wondering if your exercise routine is doing more harm than good?

These are all important questions that the physical therapists at Fritz Physical Therapy can help answer. Deficiencies in how an individual squats or lunges, restrictions in Range of Motion and flexibility, awkward jumping and landing patterns and poor CORE strength are all indicators of an individual’s injury potential. Let our physical therapists perform our screen and assessment and provide a written report on our findings as well as recommendations on how to safely and effectively train for your sport or activity.

Injury prevention screening and consultations starting at $149. Get screened today… instead of evaluated for an injury you could of prevented next week!

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